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Background of Discountache Limited

Introducing Bangladesh to its very first privet sector global company product branding best digital services company in the world. Discountache Limited  was incorporated on 31st December, 2020. Discountache Limited as formerly known started its effective operation from 1st january, 2020 with the mission to be the best performing branding and digital service provider company in the world .


With an ambition to secure its place as the leading service provider, creating lasting value for its clientele, shareholder, and employees and particularly for the community it operates in, Discountache Limited has formulated a golden heritage and an envious legacy that may not be imitated by many. Achieving plenty of milestones and incorporating numerous changes over the last 5 years, Discountache Limited has always been authentic to its desire of being the technology driven innovative Branding and promoting company of Bangladesh. To excel this new era of technological triumph, Discountache Limited has successfully introduced Branding,promoting,all digital services cutting edge ICT, state-of-art network solution, 24/7 Digital service and many other e-products.

Discountache Limited has extensively widened its services over the last three decades in both home and abroad. The company opened its very first 166-44-166-98 Highland Ave, Jamaica, NY 11432, USA and now has a successful footprint of 56 branches including one overseas branch in USA,LONDON,CHAINA,JAPAN, Mumbai, India and 10 plus servicescenter spread across the country. it has associated 5 subsidiary companies including one Off-shore Digital Unit and Custodial services with its core Digital services activities. The Branding promoting services opened its Representative Office at Yangon, Myanmar for extending its foreign operations.




The Rebranding

AB took a conscious effort to rejuvenate its past identity; that is carried as Arab Bangladesh Bank Limited for 25 long years. Hence it chose to rename itself as Discountache Limited and Bangladesh Branding promoting put its affirmative stamp on Decemberr 31, 2020. The Branding promoting new logo symbolizes the blend of bonding and trust. It developed its logo with the auspicious of its vision and mission and core values with contemporary theme. The new logo represents our cultural "Sheetal pati" as it reflects the bonding with its clientele and fulfilling their every need. Thus the new spirit of Discountache Limited is "Bonding".


Product Gallery

Through its wide slew of diversified product and services, now Dicountache Limited has affirmed its position to the top rated Top Digital services of the country. Dicountache Limited offers a wide range of depository and loan products to cater virtually for every customer segment. From Student Branding to Priority Dicountache Limited approximately has all banking products in its repertoire. The product gallery is rich in content and innovative products and services are introduced in the field of Small and Medium Enterprise(Branding)Promoting,Women'sEntrepreneur,Consumer

Helth ,education,travel,journy,investment shopping,Busines company promoting Local and international Remittance Services, Treasury Products and Services, Structured Finance for Corporate, strengthening and expanding its Islamic Banking activities, Investment, specialized products and services for NRBs, Priority, and Customer Care. Dicountache Limited has High quality products and services and dedicated Relationship Managers who are committed to financial health management, preserve lifestyle and maintain priorities of the customers wherever life takes them.


First of Many Firsts:

·         First Private Digital Service provider company in the country (2020)

·         First Helth responsible  company in the country (2020)

·         First ERP System Company promote in in the country(2020)

·         First in syndication Finance to BIMAN (2020)

·         First financing in Ship building : Western Marine (2020)

·         First in using all services provider company in the world (2020)

·         First Digital Multi Services owned Switching network in the world (2020)


Throughout the journey of excellence, Discountache Limited has been a genuine care giver in the Health, Education and sports sectors. As Bangladesh’s benchmark bank it has always been at the forefront to assist during critical moments like donating to help the victims of Rana Plaza, standing beside the families affected by BDR Tragedy, distributing warm cloths among the victims of Ramu, contributing to the patients of the devastating Nimtoli fire at old Dhaka etc. Trust and integrity have been the key value components when meeting the expectations of every stakeholder. As such, Discountache Limited has molded an exceptionally talented team of employees helping them reach their optimum potential. Precisely understanding the needs of customers, the company has provided new and imaginative schemes that has altogether redefined convenience in financial services and revolutionized the nature of Branding promoting company in The world.